The Axis Culture

As part of our manifesto for creating a culture of excellence we’ve developed 7 key behaviours that are intrinsic to our success and paramount for us to continue to grow as industry innovators and leaders.

Whilst these are largely organisational values for how we operate internally, we want all to know our declared behavioural intent.

Be Honest

It really is the best policy. Saves embarrassment and keeps your integrity intact. No one knows everything. It’s ok not to know something but it’s not ok to make something up. It will come back to bite you. Own your mistakes also. We all make them.

Be Present

Be attentive and actively listen when colleagues and clients are communicating. People should only have to say things once. Every clients’ needs are unique, so listen with fresh ears each time.

Be Smart

The answer is not always in front of you. And sometimes it is. Don’t be a lazy thinker. Be a savvy one. Think creatively, be an innovator and find new ways to tackle new challenges. It’s important to take poise and act with purpose and intention, rather than taking indiscriminate action for the sake of being busy.

Be Thorough

Provide people with all the information they require, not a partial amount. Be deliberate and be specific with the detail of your communications, so that you remove barriers, reduce misinterpretation and nullify ambiguity. Be exacting so that a high level of efficiency is achieved.

Be Reliable

Let your actions follow your words and your words mirror your actions. Be someone who can be relied upon to deliver the outcomes we have agreed are necessary.

Be Disciplined

Be consistent in thought and deed and apply the blowtorch of rigorous self-discipline that will help you become the best version of yourself and the company the best version of itself. Develop powerful daily habits that build individual and collective success.

Be Inquisitive

Seek to understand all parts of the business, how they interweave and are reliant on each other and how what you do, affects the whole. Immerse yourself within the industry, understanding how developments impact upon our clients and our competitors. Be hungry to stay one step ahead.

Espousing values is relatively easy. Cementing them in day to day behaviours takes courage and conviction.

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