Markym Developments Pty Ltd

Markym Development Pty Ltd is a specialist property development company focussed on acquiring and developing property to meet the exacting standard of our tenants across Western Australia.

Fit for purpose builds suited specifically to our tenant’s requirements ensures high tenant satisfaction and success.

This vision is exactly aligned with the approach taken at Axis Hire to provide fit for purpose fleet equipment.

Synergies in the ownership, administration and operation of both Markym Developments Pty Ltd and Axis Hire provides the ability to provide exacting standards to meet our client’s requirements.


“we could not be more happy with that final product, from the initial concept meetings and negotiations to the turning of the key in the front door, it would be hard to beat the business partnership that grew between the Gravity ETC design and construction team and the Markym Developments Team, built on the back of respect, trust and loyalty.”

Todd Grigo – Director, Gravity ETC Pty Ltd